Go to your local sutler and buy lots of powder, primers wads, patches, melt enough led and reload your cartridges. Put on a smile on your face and come to SV Davy Crockett At Fort Mountainlane Meterik

Agenda 2019

Vrijdag 15 zaterdag 16 maart Remember The Alamo 10th edition

14 april NK DWSA info: dwsa

Zaterdag 22 en zondag 23 juni Houtblokken wedstrijd "Uncle Ted`s Barnshoot"

Zaterdag 6 juli CAS wedstrijd "Midsummer Shootout"

Woensdag 14 t/m zondag 18 augustus " Westernweekend"

12 oktober Cowboys and Windmills 8
NK CAS info: DWSA.nl